CBD Essential oil and Menopause: Does CBD Help With Menopause Symptoms?

The majority of us don’t start considering menopause until it’s just around the corner – leaving us completely unprepared to handle its irksome symptoms, especially found in the early stages.

But the sooner you identify and proactively react to the changes occurring inside your body, the better.

Unfortunately, the existing medical system lacks support for the requirements of peri- and post-menopausal women, therefore like many others, you may come to be turning to natural resources for aid.

Menopause is one of the top reasons women use cannabis goods. The hype hemp-derived CBD essential oil is usually gaining for easing peri- and post-menopausal symptoms isn’t established only on anecdotal evidence – researchers also recommend that cannabidiol (CBD) could possibly be useful for menopause symptoms.

In this post, I’ll cover the 8 most regular menopause symptoms and how CBD can alleviate them – and show you my personal list of trusted CBD brands.

But first, let’s review the basics.

Firstly, What is CBD Essential oil?

CBD essential oil is a concentrated hemp extract that contains a carrier oil (just like sweet almond oil or perhaps MCT oil), cannabidiol (CBD), and a range of trace cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp compounds.

Unlike its marijuana-derived counterpart, hemp-derived CBD oil can’t receive you high since it only contains 0.3% THC – which isn’t enough to get you high

CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system – among the most important networks in humans that regulates every homeostatic function within the body. This consists of processes like memory, mood, cognitive overall performance, immune response, body temperature, appetite, sensory perception, and more.

CBD helps the endocannabinoid program through two pieces of receptors (CB1 and CB2) and many receptor-independent routes so it can keep up with the chemical balance in your body whenever the above functions becomes compromised.

Because of that, CBD offers a plethora of health benefits, including emotional balance, better sleeping, reduced pressure, and relief from inflammation and soreness. It’s no wonder women struggling with menopause change to CBD essential oil for help.

How Will Menopause Affect Females?

Women are actually born with millions of immature eggs within their ovaries. Since puberty, our bodies start to produce more estrogen every time an egg matures, which takes place approximately once a month.

However, as time flies, our items of eggs start to shrink. As soon as we use up all our eggs, our menstruation stops which means the end of your estrogen burst. That’s how menopause is usually triggered.

Well, in very simplified terms, of study course.

In fact, menopause is more complicated than we think.

For the years prior to menopause (i.e. perimenopause), our estrogen amounts fluctuate from the highs and lows a little bit less each year.

There’s a host of hormones that go on a roller-coaster drive along with estrogen, which are meant to keep your body operating in carefully-orchestrated cycles.

Consequently, some molecules within your body manipulated by these hormones as well commence to increase or decrease. The body starts to produce inflammatory molecules as well as your brain neurochemistry changes as well.

Menopause impacts the internal clockwork of our bodies, from human brain function to bone reabsorption to excessive fat accumulation.

And each woman’s connection with menopause is different.

Menopausal Symptoms: Causes & Potential Alternatives

The existing state of the medical system in regards to menopause is changing. For way too long, women have been silent about menopause and their needs throughout that period – therefore the subject was neglected by contemporary medicine.

As a matter of fact, scientists remain trying to learn why and what sort of woman’s body improvements during menopause.

Much of the research presented on this page is at the leading edge in terms of interactions somewhere between CBD and menopause symptoms.

It’s unlikely your doctor will explain them for you, but I believe the more you understand about the type of menopause, the easier it’ll be to find relief.

Here are the 8 menopause symptoms you can alleviate using CBD oil:

1. Aches & Joint Soreness

Do you are feeling achy more regularly than you used to? Without estrogen, our anatomies produce more inflammatory molecules, particularly TNFα – brief for tumor necrosis component. A spontaneous increase in the degrees of this molecule is normally associated with faster onset of menopause.

This means that you might start experiencing arthritis symptoms during menopause. A lot more than 60% of women aged 40-64 have a problem with muscle and joint discomfort.

CBD has documented anti-inflammatory properties. As displayed in animal models, it can become an anti-arthritic by safeguarding joints against inflammatory harm and lowering concentrations of inflammatory TNFα.

You can use CBD oil as a supplement to your dietary regimen and low-impact exercise to combat inflammation during menopause.

2. Disposition Swings & Depression

Anxiety and depression are normal in ladies during menopause. Estrogen and progesterone regulate the activity of serotonin and different neurotransmitters in the brain, directly affecting mood.

As the levels of these hormones speedily decrease, your neurochemistry changes, hence the psychological distress.

CBD can help with anxiousness on two levels. Initially, it facilitates serotonin neurotransmission through among its receptors (5-HT1A), so that it is more available for the brain and regulating the feeling. Secondly, & most importantly, CBD will be able to improve the binding capacity of a neurotransmitter known as GABA – GABA functions as the brake pedal for the nervous system, slowing neurological activity and assisting us relax when we experience an panic attack.

With regards to depression, CBD offers lots of remarkable advantages to different factors behind this disease. There are several phase 2 scientific trials being executed on the effects of CBD for different types of depression.

3. Warm Flashes & Night Sweats

Women frequently joke about hot flashes and nighttime sweats, but that is a serious problem for those going through menopause.

These symptoms are triggered by altered chemistry found in the hypothalamus – the body’s own thermoregulator. In a nutshell, your body’s cooling abilities – including sweat response and vessel dilation – get activated much too often.

Menopausal women who suffer from scorching flashes are triggered when their body’s temperature rises by sole 1.5 levels, whereas those before menopause possess their cooling system switched off unless their temperature increases by almost 3 degrees.

Here’s where CBD may help.

Although there’s been no research which has particularly looked for CBD and its own influence on hot flashes, its ability to interact with the body’s serotonin system could be one reason why plenty of women use CBD for this symptom.

There actually other tools that will help you calm the nervous system, such as behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, or hypnosis.

4. Weight Gain & Diabetes

Hormones play a substantial role found in shaping our anatomies on many levels; this also includes controlling our metabolism.

Without estrogen, our anatomies don’t burn as much calories because they did before the plunge – whilst sleeping. You might suddenly notice that you also burn less extra fat during physical activity.

Even if you cut down on calories and avoid pounds fluctuation, the ongoing hormone changes tell the body to sacrifice lean muscle mass in favor of abs fat.

This way of storing fat, unfortunately, makes you more exposed to cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

According to population studies, parents who use cannabis frequently have lower insulin amounts and smaller sized waist circumferences than those that abstain from cannabinoids.

CBD could contribute to that phenomenon by triggering the PPAR-γ receptor that boosts our rate of metabolism. In addition, CBD also helps improve the production of healthy endocannabinoids, including 2-AG, that may mitigate insulin resistance, especially during menopause.

5. Genitourinary Syndrome

Estrogen assists maintain proper blood flow to the pelvic area, bringing new oxygen to the tissues in the sexual organs and urinary system. Long story short, it keeps points elastic and healthy.

Once women enter menopause, these capabilities get easily compromised and result in a range of unpleasant circumstances, such as for example inflammation, muscle strain, and oversensitivity in those intimate areas.

If that happens to you, I suggest that you utilize a topical lubricant that contains CBD or THC. Both these cannabinoids are powerful vasodilators, this means they can generate your body funnel more bloodstream to the pelvic location – moisturizing the vaginal canal.

CBD can also reduce inflammation, relax muscle mass, and calm the nerves within the vagina.

6. Osteoporosis

Our bodies regularly transfer calcium and other minerals between the bloodstream and bones. As we enter the perimenopausal level, less calcium is added to the bone, and even more is recinded, resulting in lowering bone density and producing us more subjected to fractures.

New studies advise that inflammation triggered by arthritis or different conditions might be the most significant factors behind bone degeneration – the primary suspect here is, again, TNFα.

It would appear that the same anti-inflammatory characteristics that make CBD oil a favorite choice for arthritis may also contribute to increasing your bones’ density.

Although virtually all studies in this subject matter have been conducted on animal models, I inspire you to use every natural resource if you’ve been identified as having osteoporosis. Additionally, you may add resistance work out to your day to day routine, as it also decreases TNFα concentrations.

7. Rest Deprivation

Many peri- and post-menopausal women experience sleep problems. Sleep deprivation may take a considerable toll on your health, triggering tiredness and a complete array of various other health conditions.

Menopause disrupts rest on many amounts, mainly through increased anxiousness and night sweats.

Before you troubleshoot the best solutions for decreased sleep quality, you’ll need to identify the biggest obstacles between you and a good night’s rest.

But how can CBD assist you in improving your sleeping patterns?

Furthermore to its anti-anxiety real estate, CBD can help the user regulate their sleep-wake cycle when it gets disturbed.

CBD helps us stay in the deep stage of sleep for longer – and reduces enough time we stay static in the REM level, leading to restorative sleep.

8. Memory Loss
The hippocampus – the brain area responsible for recollection, emotion, and learning – is certainly an essential component of memory space in the mind. Estrogen and progesterone stimulate the development of neurons in the hippocampus to create brand-new connections, and without these hormones, our recollection might suffer.

Scientists are actually actively researching the benefits of CBD for improving synaptic plasticity and memory loss, especially found in the hippocampus. The initial outcomes are promising, to say the list, but we still need even more solid evidence to further prove these findings.

Nevertheless, you may use CBD oil along with other ways to protect this region of the brain, such as exercise, spending time with others, avoiding alcohol, cultivating your sex life, and getting restful sleep.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying CBD Oil for Menopause

Not all CBD oils are created equal. Actually, there’s a big scope of difference in terms of the caliber of different CBD products.

If using this dietary supplement for menopause and its own many symptoms, it is critical to aim at the best quality possible, and preferably in a modest to high potency.

Here’s what it is advisable to consider when ordering CBD oil for menopause:

Hemp Supply

The foundation of hemp found in your CBD oil is of paramount importance because it tells you a lot about the quality of the extract.

Hemp works as a bioaccumulator, meaning it absorbs from the soil it’s grown in. By this token, hemp grown in poor soil will result in a poor-quality CBD oil. Not only will such items contain low degrees of CBD, but they may also be contaminated with the pollutants moving into that soil.

Alternatively, organically grown hemp crops will yield potent extracts without harmful contamination. Thus, I inspire you to get CBD oil from suppliers who get their hemp from domestic farmers and work with organic practices.

Extraction Technique

The extraction method used in the production of your CBD oil is another make-or-break factor in terms of its potency and purity.

Reputable corporations use CO2 extraction, since it leaves them with a tidy and potent product. CO2-extracted oils come in a beautiful amber-gold color, which can be an indicator of their top quality.

CBD tinctures, which are a bit different than regular oil drops, use high-proof alcoholic beverages to strip the valuable cannabinoids and nutrients from hemp. But when a organization uses butane, propane, and other tough solvents for extraction, it’s best to stay away from their products.

Cannabinoid Spectrum (100 % Spectrum vs. Isolate)

For menopause, I’d recommend using full-spectrum extracts because they contain all of the natural substances from hemp. These molecules make one of a kind synergy and so are more effective together than in isolation.

That’s why, for me, full-spectrum CBD oil is more advanced than CBD isolate. Of study course, the latter bears the highest dosage of CBD per portion, but unlike full-spectrum extracts, it may lose efficacy beyond specific dosage, which scientists make reference to as a “bell-shaped response.”


CBD comes in various potencies, starting from 100mg to even 5000mg per bottle. Your great potency will depend on several elements, such as your body weight, metabolism, the severe nature of your condition, and previous experience with CBD supplements.

If your menopause symptoms are slight and you’ve never taken CBD before, then it’s better to start low and slow. I would go with low-to-modest potencies such as 250mg for starters.

But on the other hand, if your symptoms negatively affect your everyday overall performance, you can go with higher dosages. Even so, remember that larger levels of CBD can induce sedation and make you feel a little dizzy because of lowered blood pressure.

When taking any medication, be sure to consult together with your doctor ahead of taking any CBD product. Cannabidiol interacts with an array of drugs and will lead to their elevated concentrations in one’s body.

Lab Reports

CBD companies have the choice to give their extracts for an intensive analysis to a third-get together laboratory.

These laboratories test for the product’s cannabinoid content and its own purity grade.

Lab reports permit the end user to verify if the label statements are based on facts and thus should be clearly displayed on your vendor’s website in a dedicated section. If you cannot find them there, don’t panic; try to contact the company via email or any different channel.

Company Reputation

Find me a firm that says their products are low-quality and I’ll obtain you supplied with premium CBD oil forever.

Every CBD company out there brags about the quality of their products, and there’s one particular way to see if they are telling the truth

Do some research and read online testimonials from verified users prior to deciding to spend your cash on CBD oil.

Make sure to talk with several sources for extra objective info. Some companies boast 5-star reviews on their website, while third-party resources like Amazon hammer their goods with lots of poor opinions.

Summarizing the Benefits of CBD for Menopause

As you begin to see the initial menopause symptoms, it’s a crucial time to keep an eye on the changes happening inside you and lifestyle. By understanding the causes of these symptoms, it will be possible to find the best solutions for alleviating them.

I hope this article can help you in this endeavor and donate to a well-educated CBD oil purchase.

Do you take CBD essential oil for menopause? Have you noticed any advancements in your symptoms? Show your stories with me!