About ECM

Welcome to Electronic Cigarette Magazine, as the name says we are an online magazine dedicated to covering everything about electronic cigarettes. We know about how e-cigs influences people in general and how it is anything but an ensured more secure option in contrast to smoking – however we’re about mindful use of vapes, despite everything we accept that it advances a superior way of life than the individuals who smoke.

Our website started out as a normal Facebook Page that was established in 2018 and then we were joined by like-minded individuals who became our page’s staff until eventually we became our own website. We talk pretty much all things vape, the do’s and dont’s with regards to vaping and the best item audits you can discover there today. Gracious and one more thing, we additionally talk about different points that we like so don’t hesitate to stick around to become acquainted with progressively about us. We’re a little group of pleasant fellas so don’t be modest or scared.